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Frozen Shoulder Finally Explained

Did you know that not all frozen shoulder is the same?

Click to learn a simple explanation of what might be causing your shoulder pain.

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Low Back Pain For Dummies

My MRI and scans show I have osteoarthritis disc bulges and degeneration in my lumbar spine. I feel as though all of my heavy lifting and work I put my spine through has finally caught up to me.

Does this sound familiar?

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Plantar Fascia Pain Explained

We are living in the age of a plantar fascia pain epidemic. Almost everyone over 40 knows someone’s suffering from this debilitating condition. No one is speaking the truth as to why, until now.

What I learned about the fitness industry when writing my book!

Here is the problem...

People who value exercise highly, tend to neglect other areas of their health and wellbeing. This leads to someone who might look healthy and fit on the outside, but they are unhealthy on the inside.

Nothing explains this further than..

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After finally trying Raw Food Hub, wife is in shock as husband and kids begin to enjoy vegetables and fruit again!

If you’re like me, you were initially sceptical and unsure if organic food really tasted better (it really does). In fact, recently I encouraged a client of mine to make the change.

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