Functional and Holistic Ergonomics


  • Are you looking for the right place to start with setting up your ergonomic space?
  • Do you experience brain fog during the workday?
  • Are you a business owner who wants to look after their employees and boost morale?
  • Do you want to have more energy for work and life outside of work?
  • Are you looking to reduce and manage risk in the workplace?
  • Is boosting productivity something your interested in

If any of this sounds like you, than download this free report. I absolutely guarantee you will learn something you can apply today.

If your a business owner or manager than I highly recommend you send this around to your employees and implement some of these tips yourself.

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Ben's Functional and Holistic Ergonomics For Business

Who this is for;

Are you a business owner or manager wanting to provide the best, most efficient and safe workplace for your staff?

If your business is located in Australia this service can be easily achieved online.

When you look around the office, do you recognise that things could be set up better, but you’re unsure of the most efficient set up required? 

Perhaps you’ve received complaints from team members suffering from sore backs, necks, and shoulders from working in the office all day?

This is for any company or business wanting to cultivate a positive workplace environment, a culture based on a foundation of safety and care for your team members. With the intention of helping your employees enjoy greater job satisfaction, longevity, health and happiness. 

What I offer in this space is a little outside of the norm. On top of the standard areas that most ergonomics consultants cover, I am passionate about also offering a combination of natural movement and some fundamentals on the circadian rhythm and breathing to give you and your employees a more holistic experience and greater sustainability.

Some of the benefits you can expect from this service include;

  • A more comfortable, efficient and enjoyable workspace.
  • Improved productivity for yourself and your staff.
  • Greater ability to stay ‘on task’ as distractions like pain in their back, elbows, shoulders, wrist and or neck will no longer be an issue like they were.
  • Staff going home with more energy, enthusiasm and less fatigue.
  • Improved staff retention..
  • Greater morale in the workplace.

What is actually delivered?

Our solutions are customised to suit your unique needs and can include any of the following;

-30 minute, functional and holistic ergonomics training for staff. This covers natural movement and ancestral principles, cutting edge workstation ergonomics and work health and safety. To support your employees in moving well, avoiding injuries/strains and enjoying a greater quality of life and improved longevity as a result.

-10 to 30 minute workstation assessments with tailored recommendations. These will include things such as revolutionising your workplace desk setup, chair setup, computer setup, mouse and other accessories to improve posture and help avoid injuries. Reports are included for every assessment.