What Can You Learn To Improve Your WOD From The TOP CrossFit Athletes In The World?

Learn from Lars Kristenson and Ben Leyson to improve your WOD.

Free Report: How to Make Your Body 'BOX' Ready. What an Integrative Physio Learned by working with Lars Kristensen (Functional Fitness World Champion).

Are you tired of modifications, feeling as though your not progressing or missing out on specific movements?

Or do you just want another perspective to improve performance, recovery and mobility?

Learn from Ben and Lars to improve your WOD.


An Important Message From Ben Leyson, Owner & Founder of Ben's Physiotherapy

This report is perfect for the Crossfitter who wants to learn some secrets of the professionals.

Are you tired of being in pain or having to modify your WOD? Do you ask yourself, “how do the CrossFitters on T.V. do what they do?”

If you are not seeing progress in the BOX, this report is perfect for you!

Since working with Lars I have had the opportunity to be his personal physiotherapist as well as train in his local box. This unique perspective has allowed me to identify what makes him different to the average Crossfitter.

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