Are You Looking For a Mobile Paediatric Physiotherapist In The Mid-North Coast

If you are the parent of a child or the referrer please read on to learn more and see if our services can help.

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A Message From Ben Leyson, Owner & Founder of Ben's Physiotherapy

Most people are unsure of what a Paediatric Physio can even do for their child or participant. Thats why I offer a free discovery session to see if we are a good fit and that we can help. Read below to learn more about how we can help.

“Are You Looking To Optimise The Development Of Your Child "?

Paediatric Physio is an excellent option to optimise your child's development, preventing further issues from escalating down the track.

Perhaps You Just Can't Get The Services In?

We heard that Grafton is in need for more Paediatric Physiotherapy services. Especially, a service that is willing to be mobile and work to make things as convenient as possible. We realise it can be a pain to work with lots of different practitioners and endeavour to make things easy.

Your Previous Experience Was To "Clinical"

We strive to focus on the child and believe making things fun and working as a team to ensure the best results. Often other services just jump in want to focus on the clinical aspects of care without considering anyone else. Sometimes this leads to you feeling like your voice doesn't matter.

Is My Child To Old Or Young?

We work with children in the ages from 0-17