After finally trying Raw Food Hub, wife is in shock as husband and kids begin to enjoy vegetables and fruit again!

Ben Leyson

If you’re like me, you were initially sceptical and unsure if organic food really tasted better (it really does). In fact, recently I encouraged a client of mine to make the change. Here is what happened.


The day after receiving her food box she packed an apple in her husband’s smoko bag for his day at work (I guess building is still an essential service). Amazingly, her husband texted her while he was on smoko saying ‘this is the most delicious apple I’ve ever eaten, where did it come from’?... Can you imagine the delight on her face when she read this?


My client also has a 13 year old son who hates broccoli! But after the success with her husband she decided to risk it and added the broccoli as a side for an evening dish… Yes you guessed it, her teenage son asked ‘mum what did you do this broccoli, its actually nice’. 


You can imagine how chuffed my client is. As an integrative physiotherapist, eating organic food is one of the first recommendations I make to my clients. First you will notice the taste, then you will start to notice the benefits!  

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About the Author

After moving to the Coffs Coast 12 months ago, Ben became inspired by the active nature of Crossfitters in the area. This led to frustration by the lack of specialist physio care in the area for these people. Because of this, Ben now works exclusively with active people over 30 who are looking for something different. Ben is someone who is unsatisfied with traditional approaches and used this thinking to create the only business in the Mid North Coast that specialises in helping people like you.